Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Choose a Good Florist

The recent study on the shopping behaviour of the consumers in Singapore says that there has been a great increase in the purchasing power of the Singapore citizens for flowers and why not? After all, emotions and flowers have great combination. So whether it is a valentine’s day to express your love to your beloved or be it a get together ceremony at your relatives’ home or may be, you have to express your concern and sorrow for someone’s defeat, flowers are considered as the best gift for all purpose and all occasions and for all ages. 

Flowers not only symbolize the expressions but they are also used as one of the best decoration item. Wedding celebrations, corporate events and many more such formal and informal celebrations are planned with flowers decoration at the venue. Knowing these facts about the high demand of flowers, there are many business men in Singapore and around the world who are now well recognized florists and have made flowers selling as their primary business.

Now, here comes the trouble when we have to choose the right florist for us among so many retail and online Singapore florist available.  So here are few great tips which will help you to choose your best online florist who will deliver exactly what you desire.

1.    While surfing for the online florist over the internet, you must list out all the websites that has your choice of flowers as the first criteria.

2.    There are many websites that claim for the fresh flowers delivery, so it is better if you check their return policy in case you don’t find the flowers fresh when delivered and in case you have to get them delivered directly to your loved ones, check the testimonials and reviews of the customers for the flower shop.

3.    The delivery timeline must be checked as there are many instances when they don’t deliver on time and also check for the hidden charges if they have on specific delivery timings.

4.    To know if they deliver exactly what has been presented over the website, it is again important to read the reviews and testimonials of the customers.

5.    While making the payment online, you must check if they have secured server layer on the payment page which can be checked if the website has “https:// as the starting link of the page. This ensures that your financial details and personal details are safe and will not be misused.

Reading the above points will assist you in getting the right florist for all your flowers needs, so start searching now to surprise someone with the fresh and beautiful flowers you always wanted to send.

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