Friday, July 25, 2014

Tips to make Hari Raya festival more happy with friends and family

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For a month before celebrating the Hari Raya festival, the Muslims all over the world indulge in fasting and prayers. The holy month, as they call it, is a period during which the essence of love and togetherness is imparted among the fellow humans. The festival of Hari Raya actually starts right from the holy month. Every evening when it is time for breaking the fast, you are provided with the chance of breaking the fast with your family and friends. It is a very important part of the festival.

Inviting friends over and visiting the homes of your close ones is another factor that would make the festival enjoyable. Instead of breaking the fast at your own home, all by yourself you should invite friends and relatives to your place. You can also visit your close relatives in Singapore to break the fast together. These are gestures that will ascertain the true expressions of the Hari Raya festival.

Reserve a table at one of the elegant restaurants in the country. When you return home from work, go out with your family to break the fast. Try out new cuisines in Singapore during this period. When you have new varieties of delicacies after fasting all day, you will be able to enjoy the dishes better too. The experience of breaking the fast with your close ones by ordering lip smacking delicacies is something that will make the festival memorable.

Buy a bunch of beautiful flowers when you return home from work to present to your family members. This will make them really happy on any day, especially during the Hari Raya festival days. There are plenty of florists Singapore where special flowers are sold to make Hari Raya festival special. You can choose flowers of your favorite colors in order to gift to your dear ones. If you are planning to visit your friends or relatives during the Hari Raya festival days, carrying an elegant bouquet along with you would be a great way of expressing your joy.

Decorate the rooms with flowers. All the celebrations usually begin at home. If you want to celebrate Hari Raya festival in a splendid manner with family and friends you should order some beautiful flowers from a reputed Singapore florist and decorate the rooms using your creativity. The presence of fresh flowers will make the festival truly special. The scent of flowers like jasmine and roses will create a fabulous festive mood at home. When you check out the website of an online florist Singapore you will be able to order beautiful flowers that carry a pleasant fragrance. The details of the fragrance would be provided next to the flowers displayed on the websites of reputed florists. You can choose the one that has subtle fragrances in order to enjoy Hari Raya festival in the best possible manner. When you shortlist a good florist, you can also place orders to serve other purposes. When people visit you on the special day of Hari Raya, welcome them into your home with flowers. This will help you to enjoy the day better because your guests will feel truly welcomed.

These tips will help you to enjoy Hari Raya festival with all joy and splendor!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hari Raya Flowers – It’s Right Time Again to Gift a Flower Basket to Your Loved One

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is here again in less than a week, and it is the time when people go crazy arranging feverishly for the festivities. The month long fasting doesn’t wear down the Muslim community of Singapore, if it does anything, it uplifts their zeal to assimilate all the rejoicings whole heartedly. There are many things we love about Hari Raya; on the top of the list are the obvious choices, floral bouquets. Flowers play an important role in Hari Raya festival. During the whole month of Ramadan you have visitors at home and during Hari Raya you have open houses for all kinds of visitors; thus, floral adornments are required earnestly to decorate the house during this festive season. Whether you need fresh lilies for the bedrooms or giant centerpieces for the dining and living rooms, floral decoration is quintessential in a Singaporean household. And when the occasion is Hari Raya, without exquisite flowers, it’s just not done.

florist onlineFestivals come many times in a year, and it is a common practice to send flower baskets or gift baskets accompanied with flowers to your loved and dear ones as a token of love. Ask a local florist and he will tell you about the latest baskets that are upscale this festive season. Hari Raya is all about wishing your acquaintances and showing how much you care for them. And what other way would be better than to wish them with beautiful flower baskets containing flowers and other goodies. Various florists of Singapore have come up with special floral arrangements for Hari Raya festival, and you can select from among many readymade designs, where each one is better than the other.

Flower baskets for Hari Raya come in all types of budget; from exquisite small bouquets to splendid and lavish ones, there is a floral bunch which is just right for you. Gifting wonderful flowers had never been that easy as it is today. Just log on to a florist online and order an exciting bunch to bring smile on the face of the person you care.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The magic that flowers can bring to you

When you live in a tangible neighborhood, you might not have ample time to look around and enjoy the beauty of nature. Take your time off at least once in a while from the busy schedules and visit serene places that take you close to the nature. There are many such places in Singapore like the gardens by the bay and the Singapore zoo where you can spend your time in close proximity with the beauty of nature. Flowers are magical creations that help you to enjoy life better. When you gift a bunch of flowers to someone dear to you, you will be able to see a sparkle of joy in their eyes. You will definitely sense an exchange of positive energy in the atmosphere when flowers are present. The blooming flowers in a garden or an elegant bouquet can definitely make your day. Today, you will find plenty of florists Singapore, both online and offline, who offer amazing varieties of flowers. The popularity of these flower shops, especially the ones online, in the country has made flowers one of the most preferred gifts.

Next time, you are in search of a wonderful gift item to present to your dear ones, check out the options provided by a Singapore florist. You will come across flowers that are extremely beautiful. Some of the florists in the country provide customized arrangement of flowers according to your needs. You can use your creativity and provide custom designs to the florists. They will use flowers of your choice to make bouquets which will be send to you as per your order date. The magic that these flowers and bouquets bring with it is something that is not provided by any costly gifts. When you gift your dear ones with flowers, the price it carries is invaluable.  It is not the monetary value of these flowers that matter because of the fabulous mood generated. The very sight of flowers will bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

Imagine taking out your special one on a romantic date. You might be able to afford a costly jewelry and a luxury dinner. However, the joy that can be seen in the eyes of your loved one when you gift her with a gorgeous bunch of roses is something that is priceless. You will not be able to generate the same amount of happiness with any other gift. This is the main reason for the popularity of flowers during special events. When flowers are used to decorate a venue, it will speak out loud to all the guests that the place is to witness a happy moment. Flowers can also help to express your intimate grief during sad occasions. There are special flowers that can be used to express your sorrow during the sad demise of a close one. It can also be used to express meaningful apologies when you commit a mistake, big or small.

There is no better way to express your intimate feelings like the way you can do with a bunch of beautiful flowers. When you check out the website of an online florist Singapore, you will definitely be mesmerized with the wonderful options available.
Let the gifts you present to your loved ones express your intimate feelings, choose flowers from now on!

Friday, July 18, 2014

3 reasons for the popularity of online florists in Singapore

floristEverybody would want to give their loved ones something special on their special day. So you tend to hunt on anything that is priceless and rare. Nowadays being in cities among concrete jungles what is hard to find than fresh flowers? That is why flowers still remain as the most sought after gifts and still portray the symbol of love, friendship and care.

Easy to order

Do we ever give a thought to the fact as to where the flowers come from when we order flowers from a florist?  Some florist’s provide options for online booking. You can choose your flowers by seeing their pictures and can choose for different styles that are offered. The most remarkable thing about the online florist is the ease and convenience factor. Flowers same day delivery option can also be availed by the customers.  For flowers that are not easily available from a local shop that is an awesome offer as far as a customer is concerned.

Stunning varieties to choose from

The varieties of flowers that are offered are from online florists are definitely worth it. You get different types of flowers which are not native to Singapore also. Orchids are still the all time favorite flowers. From a florist you can be sure to get even types that are rare and those that your special person will love to own. When you go out on a date and your date comes all dressed gorgeously just for you, you can make it count for her by presenting her with an attractive bouquet of flowers that are exotic. You can only get it at a short interval from an online florist.

When there are festive seasons when there is an increased demand for flowers a local florist can always run out of flowers, but you can almost be assured that this does not happen in any online florist. Mostly they have many franchisees that ensure all round supply of flowers irrespective of the demand.

Amazing prices and offers

Cheap flowers deliveryThere are some people who love gifting their loved ones daily with flowers. There are offices which need regular supply of flowers if not daily. Most institutions or hotels also require a regular delivery of flowers. These are mostly taken on a bulk order basis. You can avail such offers through online dealers these days.  Cheap flowers delivery can be done on free shipping basis. If you were to buy flowers from a local shop you would definitely have had to go and select the flowers and if there is no option of free delivery you would also have to go and collect it later on. Online florists give you a smooth purchase of flowers with just a few clicks. Some florists have innovative methods of adding up reward points that gives you an attractive offer if you are a regular customer. Even if you are a regular customer at a flower shop you can never get mind blowing offers like this. Being global dealers catering to a larger crowd the online florists will have novel methods of flower arrangements too that anyone will love to be gifted.
Go ahead and make your day special with flowers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top occasions during which flowers make the best gifts

florists SingaporeThere are different occasions in which flowers can be used as wonderful gifts. The beauty of the blooming flowers and the pleasant aroma that it spreads is something that has no replacements. When you gift someone with flowers, you will be able to transfer a lot of positive vibes without trying too hard. The energy quotient that gets transferred is also amazing. For each special occasion you can order special flowers from the florists Singapore. The flower shops in the country provide separate category of flowers to make the selection process easier. Here are some of the top occasions during which flowers can be used as wonderful gifts.


Weddings are one of the most important occasions in which flowers play a significant role. The little ones lined up near the altar at the time of a wedding would be holding beautiful flowers. The bride would walk to the venue with a beautiful bouquet in her hand. The place would be decorated with different kinds of flowers. If you want to bless the couple from your heart and provide them with a fabulous gift that would grace the occasion, there is no better option than a beautifully arranged bouquet. Hence, during different phases of a wedding, flowers play a very significant role.


When your best friend or partner celebrates her birthday, you would definitely want to make her happy. Buying a normal gift like how the majority of people around the globe do would not bring in an extra but of happiness. However, if you gift her with a bunch of roses, you will be able to see a glow in her face. You will be able to make your special one extremely happy. This is something that only flowers can do with grace. When you check out the website of a reputed Singapore florist, you will be able to find plenty of different roses and other flowers suitable as gifts during birthdays.


Anniversaries are moments that will help you to relive the happy moments in your life. A wedding anniversary would help you to look back down the memory lane to think of the moment of togetherness. You will be able to think of the day your partner held your hands in front of a huge crowd. The day would be really dear to you and the best gift to give to your dear one to celebrate the anniversary is a wonderful bouquet.

Singapore floristJob hikes

When your close friend gets promoted at work, you would want to congratulate him or her with a wonderful gift. A beautifully arranged bouquet made of the best quality roses would be the best gift that you can order to serve this purpose. When you place the order through a reputed online florist Singapore you will be able to enjoy fabulous discounts without compromising on the quality of the flowers. You will also be able to make your selection after comparing the vast variety of options displayed on the online store. Job hikes are definitely moments to rejoice and there is no better way of celebrating it other than with some beautiful flowers.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Why flowers are one of the most preferred gifts in Singapore

florists onlineIn order to express your love towards someone dear to you, you would want to send beautiful gifts during special days. When your best friend celebrates her birthday, you would definitely want to make her understand that she is special to you. Calling her up just around midnight and wishing her might not be good enough. A beautiful gift would be needed to make the day splendid and it will give her fond memories for long. A bunch of beautiful flowers would be the best gift that you could give to your besty on her birthday. A stunning bouquet made of magnificent flowers will definitely make your best friend happy. Similarly during plenty of other occasions when you have to send gifts, flowers would be the best choice in Singapore. Now, what makes flowers one of the most preferred gift items in the country? Here are few of the reasons.

The key reason for the popularity of flowers is the splendid choices available. When you are stuck with gift ideas on special days, you can check out the website of one of the florists online and buy a meaningful gift easily. Special flowers are available for each type of occasion. Flowers of different colors convey different meanings. When you buy other gift items, you might not be able to portray your intimate feelings. With flowers, you can easily do that. Flowers of different types have the capability of conveying all sorts of meanings. Be it love, friendship, gratitude or condolence, you can let the recipient know about your true feelings without trying too hard.

Another reason that makes flowers a preferred gift in the country is the easy availability. There are plenty of flower shops in the country that sells all sorts of flowers. The local stores sell the seasonal flowers all through the year. You can drive to the shops, check with the sales executives at the stores and take home your preferred flowers by paying nominal amounts. You can order the most common varieties of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies or the exotic ones through the online flower shops. The online flower stores have taken the sale of beautiful flowers Singapore to greater heights. Since majority of the people in the country are busy due to the hectic work schedules, the online flower stores are indeed a great boon for buying meaningful gifts on all sorts of special occasions. Without even stepping out of the office cubicles orders can be placed with ease.
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When you choose flowers as gifts, you do not have to worry about the time delivery too. When you place an order with a reputed florist in the country, you can sit back and relax. You do not have to remember the date of your friend’s birthday, your anniversary or the other important events after placing the order. The flowers delivery Singapore will be carried out by the florist promptly. Depending on the mailing address that you provide while placing the order, the flowers would be neatly delivered on time. This is one of the greatest advantages provided by the florists in the country and makes flowers one of the most preferred gifts.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Flower Shops Singapore – What to Expect Regarding Your Flowers Delivery

flower shops singaporeA flower shop is a place where people get solution regarding their flower needs and delivery. With a multitude of flower shops Singapore, flowers are within easy reach of people of this country. However, with internet taking over on most aspects of our lives, flowers delivery has also taken an online leap. Today, flower business has significantly optimized around internet with many flowers shops getting most of their selling through online presence. Today, flower business has gone global; sitting in New York, you can order for flowers delivery to your beloved in Singapore. And, the beauty is, the flowers get delivered the same day afresh.

A wide selection of exquisite flowers of so many varieties is available at online florist stores. Among many others, you can find contemporary flowers, everyday flowers, gift baskets, centre pieces and flowers that will make an excellent customized bouquet and many more varieties. Choosing flowers for your purpose is extremely easy nowadays, wherein you can place your order sitting at home, clicking on elaborately detailed flower pictures, comparing flower prices and making payment online.

Many flower shops also cater to flower needs for different occasions. Flowers are widely used to adorn a venue, take it wedding, engagement party, housewarming, baby shower, anniversaries, birthdays, opening ceremonies etc. You can hire a professional florist to handle everything regarding decorating your venue or you can order individual decorative pieces viz. flower bouquets, center pieces, grand opening stands/ flowers, floral patterns etc. and get them delivered at your place.

grand opening stands/ flowersFlowers are also regarded as most romantic gifts, and when it comes to expressing emotions without words nothing excel more than flowers.  As such, romantic flowers always supersede the floral list at a florist shop, online or physical. Singapore is a flower loving country and people here believe in gifting and accepting flowers. As such, flower shops of this nation have both online as well as physical customer following. As a customer, you expect your flowers to be delivered promptly while they are fresh and vibrant, and this is what your flower shop strives for.

Various online flower stores have a good deal of knowledge regarding flowers, their types and ways to handle; you can take the advantage of this aspect to enhance your technical knowledge regarding and learn tips to keep your floral bouquets afresh for a longer time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tips to make use of flowers to decorate home interiors

florist onlineYou would all love to make your home a beautiful place that provides you with all the coziness in the world. You would want to come back home every day to a peaceful atmosphere where you feel good. There are different ways by which you can attract the interiors of your home. The arrangement of your rooms, the color of your walls, the furniture selection and the addition of some beautiful flowers in a creative manner can bring a huge positive change to your interiors. If you want to give a wonderful makeover to your homes using flowers, here are few tips that would come handy. 

Living rooms

Most of the living rooms would have sofas and various entertainment devices. Your televisions must be place in such a way that all the people sitting in the room are able to view it without any glare from the lights. If the living rooms are small, you can use dark paints on the walls to make it look bigger. Now comes the beauty of flowers, a flower vase with a beautiful bunch of roses next to the sofa on the end tables would make the room elegant. To make things better, you can add few flowers on hanging baskets too and place them right below the lights on the walls.  You can dry flowers from a florist online to serve this purpose. Most of the florists would have different kind of flowers on display which would be good for decoration purposes. Choose one of them and make your living rooms immaculate.


You should be able to sleep as soon as you hit the sac after a tired day at work. To make this possible, the bedrooms should be extremely cozy and warm. Try to use a high bed and tall side tables. Use of high furniture would be ideal in making the rooms to look graceful. The interiors should be designed in such a way that the four walls of the room talks only about tranquility and love. You should use subtle colors on the walls. The presence of white or red roses close to the bed lamp would help you to feel fresh as soon as you open your eyes in the mornings. Waking up to a beautiful bunch of flowers would be the best way to start a day.


Balconies are the places that you would like to gaze at the sun and spend your warm afternoons or enjoy the cold breeze during a beautiful evening. The presence of flowers in the balcony will provide a jovial mood. Whenever you step into the balcony to enjoy the beauty of nature, a part of the outside world would stay close to you when you have a few beautiful flowers on a vase on the patio table. The choice of furniture for the balconies should also be done with care. When you place a flower vase on an ottoman in the balcony close to a relaxing chair, you will feel happier. The beauty of flowers is not only the good looks but also the freshness and joy that it spreads. You can easily buy your favorite flowers from a florist close to your home without spending too much of money. Hence, it is an economic option too.

The interiors of your homes should always be designed using your creativity. Addition of flowers to the rooms would make the home a more beautiful place!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What makes online florists immensely popular in Singapore

florist onlineWith the world at a platter in front of you most things are a click away. Singapore is one of the cosmopolitan cities where there are people from all over the world reside there. Moist people are so engrossed in their lives and work that it is difficult for anyone to keep in touch other than through social media’s. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, even this globalization has it both.

Flowers are the one of the easy and simple ways to express your love, care or gratitude to someone. They fit in almost any occasion. Now being away from your friends or family does not prevent you from wishing them with flowers. You can always approach a florist online. The whole procedure is very convenient for you. The company always assures to deliver whatever flowers you ordered as fresh and as untouched as possible. Another good thing about online florists is that if you have to send flowers to someone outside the country even that is not a herculean task as it is all. You can order through the same site for anywhere in the world. Then the other advantage is that these online shops provide exotic flowers as well. You can also get flowers that are not available in a particular season also as they can provide it from other places that has those available.

Even if you have to deliver flowers to some nearby place it is always easier to do it through a florist. There is no time lost in delivering the flowers yourself or selecting it. When you do the booking online you can even customize your order to your need. You can specify on the number of flowers, the color, and the specific flowers you want to blend in to your bouquet and so on. There are many innovative ways of presenting the flowers too nowadays. You can give the flowers as a bunch as was conventionally given or you could give it in a basket or in some trendy looking vase as well. Lately the florists online provide with the option of combining your flowers with some gifts along with the flowers. That gets the difficulty of finding gifts from another shop also resolved. Instead of just a bouquet of flowers you can gift your very special person a beautiful potted plant as well. Flowering plants, lucky bamboos are all some of the hotly traded gifts. It is definitely positive that if you are to give a nicely flowering plant to someone that it will surely brighten their day. Lucky bamboos are given as a lucky charm to people and it is quite popular these days. Online florists provide various ranges of sizes of these to its customers.
Some florists give the advantage of reward points on each purchase also if you are a regular customer or if you do any bulk ordering. This is particularly useful in case you regularly gift your loved ones with flowers. If you just buy it from a local store you can not avail such benefits, but through an online portal you have that option. In case of a need for any flowers for an event some sites even have a separate section handling those needs.

Online florists are not just popular because the general trend favors online stuff more than others but also because it changes the whole concept of gifting and is less time consuming.