Friday, July 25, 2014

Tips to make Hari Raya festival more happy with friends and family

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For a month before celebrating the Hari Raya festival, the Muslims all over the world indulge in fasting and prayers. The holy month, as they call it, is a period during which the essence of love and togetherness is imparted among the fellow humans. The festival of Hari Raya actually starts right from the holy month. Every evening when it is time for breaking the fast, you are provided with the chance of breaking the fast with your family and friends. It is a very important part of the festival.

Inviting friends over and visiting the homes of your close ones is another factor that would make the festival enjoyable. Instead of breaking the fast at your own home, all by yourself you should invite friends and relatives to your place. You can also visit your close relatives in Singapore to break the fast together. These are gestures that will ascertain the true expressions of the Hari Raya festival.

Reserve a table at one of the elegant restaurants in the country. When you return home from work, go out with your family to break the fast. Try out new cuisines in Singapore during this period. When you have new varieties of delicacies after fasting all day, you will be able to enjoy the dishes better too. The experience of breaking the fast with your close ones by ordering lip smacking delicacies is something that will make the festival memorable.

Buy a bunch of beautiful flowers when you return home from work to present to your family members. This will make them really happy on any day, especially during the Hari Raya festival days. There are plenty of florists Singapore where special flowers are sold to make Hari Raya festival special. You can choose flowers of your favorite colors in order to gift to your dear ones. If you are planning to visit your friends or relatives during the Hari Raya festival days, carrying an elegant bouquet along with you would be a great way of expressing your joy.

Decorate the rooms with flowers. All the celebrations usually begin at home. If you want to celebrate Hari Raya festival in a splendid manner with family and friends you should order some beautiful flowers from a reputed Singapore florist and decorate the rooms using your creativity. The presence of fresh flowers will make the festival truly special. The scent of flowers like jasmine and roses will create a fabulous festive mood at home. When you check out the website of an online florist Singapore you will be able to order beautiful flowers that carry a pleasant fragrance. The details of the fragrance would be provided next to the flowers displayed on the websites of reputed florists. You can choose the one that has subtle fragrances in order to enjoy Hari Raya festival in the best possible manner. When you shortlist a good florist, you can also place orders to serve other purposes. When people visit you on the special day of Hari Raya, welcome them into your home with flowers. This will help you to enjoy the day better because your guests will feel truly welcomed.

These tips will help you to enjoy Hari Raya festival with all joy and splendor!

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