Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hari Raya Flowers – It’s Right Time Again to Gift a Flower Basket to Your Loved One

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is here again in less than a week, and it is the time when people go crazy arranging feverishly for the festivities. The month long fasting doesn’t wear down the Muslim community of Singapore, if it does anything, it uplifts their zeal to assimilate all the rejoicings whole heartedly. There are many things we love about Hari Raya; on the top of the list are the obvious choices, floral bouquets. Flowers play an important role in Hari Raya festival. During the whole month of Ramadan you have visitors at home and during Hari Raya you have open houses for all kinds of visitors; thus, floral adornments are required earnestly to decorate the house during this festive season. Whether you need fresh lilies for the bedrooms or giant centerpieces for the dining and living rooms, floral decoration is quintessential in a Singaporean household. And when the occasion is Hari Raya, without exquisite flowers, it’s just not done.

florist onlineFestivals come many times in a year, and it is a common practice to send flower baskets or gift baskets accompanied with flowers to your loved and dear ones as a token of love. Ask a local florist and he will tell you about the latest baskets that are upscale this festive season. Hari Raya is all about wishing your acquaintances and showing how much you care for them. And what other way would be better than to wish them with beautiful flower baskets containing flowers and other goodies. Various florists of Singapore have come up with special floral arrangements for Hari Raya festival, and you can select from among many readymade designs, where each one is better than the other.

Flower baskets for Hari Raya come in all types of budget; from exquisite small bouquets to splendid and lavish ones, there is a floral bunch which is just right for you. Gifting wonderful flowers had never been that easy as it is today. Just log on to a florist online and order an exciting bunch to bring smile on the face of the person you care.

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