Friday, July 18, 2014

3 reasons for the popularity of online florists in Singapore

floristEverybody would want to give their loved ones something special on their special day. So you tend to hunt on anything that is priceless and rare. Nowadays being in cities among concrete jungles what is hard to find than fresh flowers? That is why flowers still remain as the most sought after gifts and still portray the symbol of love, friendship and care.

Easy to order

Do we ever give a thought to the fact as to where the flowers come from when we order flowers from a florist?  Some florist’s provide options for online booking. You can choose your flowers by seeing their pictures and can choose for different styles that are offered. The most remarkable thing about the online florist is the ease and convenience factor. Flowers same day delivery option can also be availed by the customers.  For flowers that are not easily available from a local shop that is an awesome offer as far as a customer is concerned.

Stunning varieties to choose from

The varieties of flowers that are offered are from online florists are definitely worth it. You get different types of flowers which are not native to Singapore also. Orchids are still the all time favorite flowers. From a florist you can be sure to get even types that are rare and those that your special person will love to own. When you go out on a date and your date comes all dressed gorgeously just for you, you can make it count for her by presenting her with an attractive bouquet of flowers that are exotic. You can only get it at a short interval from an online florist.

When there are festive seasons when there is an increased demand for flowers a local florist can always run out of flowers, but you can almost be assured that this does not happen in any online florist. Mostly they have many franchisees that ensure all round supply of flowers irrespective of the demand.

Amazing prices and offers

Cheap flowers deliveryThere are some people who love gifting their loved ones daily with flowers. There are offices which need regular supply of flowers if not daily. Most institutions or hotels also require a regular delivery of flowers. These are mostly taken on a bulk order basis. You can avail such offers through online dealers these days.  Cheap flowers delivery can be done on free shipping basis. If you were to buy flowers from a local shop you would definitely have had to go and select the flowers and if there is no option of free delivery you would also have to go and collect it later on. Online florists give you a smooth purchase of flowers with just a few clicks. Some florists have innovative methods of adding up reward points that gives you an attractive offer if you are a regular customer. Even if you are a regular customer at a flower shop you can never get mind blowing offers like this. Being global dealers catering to a larger crowd the online florists will have novel methods of flower arrangements too that anyone will love to be gifted.
Go ahead and make your day special with flowers.

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