Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few concerns while hiring a florist for wedding

The florist is an individual who designs the various flower arrangements and sells them. There are many questions which you should ask the florist while hiring them. Some of them are given below:

•    How much experience does he have in the wedding arrangements?

The florist should be able to tell about his experience and the weddings in which he has already worked and how he entered into this field of floral design.

•    You should ask the florist about his signature style.

There are many florists who are well known for their signature style or the particular type of design of flowers. You should make sure that the design or the signature mark of the Singapore florist, you are hiring, matches with the theme of the wedding.

•    You should ask the florist if he has any portfolio or photographs

This is a very important aspect which you should ask the wedding florist. You should go through his previous work. The professional florists have the complete set of photos of the wedding in which they have worked and they will be proud to show them to you.

•    You should prefer the florist who has already  worked with you

The reason behind this is that the florist who has already worked with you has the complete knowledge of the place and he will be having the idea what works best for your place or the theme of your wedding.

•    You should also ask them about their fees.

There are the different fee structures of different florist in Singapore. So, it is better to ask them about their fees in very advance. For instance, some of them charge their fees according to the project or arrangement.

•    You should also ask him about the extra services he is providing

Some of the florists include the candle holders, candles and ribbons as a part of the overall service While others may charge you for it. However, it is always better to get them from the florist shop.
In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that to get the best deals, it is very important to hire the online florist.

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