Sunday, November 4, 2012

Online Florist against Local Florist: Which One Is Better?

Two best options to buy flowers to gift

It is a well-known fact that sending flowers is one of the best and effective ways to express your feelings and emotions in front of the longing one. Flowers have ability that makes any occasion a special one and people gift them to their friends and relatives on their special day that may be a birthday or anniversary. If you want to buy flowers to gift those to your loved ones, then you two options whether get them from an online florist or a local florist. Both the options have some advantages and disadvantages and let’s know about them:

Who are online florists?

It seems by the title ‘Online florists’ that they are individuals or florists, who sell the flowers at online platform to huge mass media at a great platform. These days, you can find numerous of florists online on the internet and with the help of them you can send the flowers to any corner of the world. There are many advantages of an florist online, which make him popular among people at online platform. Let’s have a look on some of the advantages of these florists that are as below:

*     The first and foremost advantage of such florists is that they offer their services full of convenience, which are less, time consuming. With of them you can purchase the flowers and arrange the delivery on just few clicks.

*     No doubt, these florists offer a wide range of beautiful and quality flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements to choose from. You can see different flowers on the internet, which are showcased along with the price. You can find these flowers arranged according to occasions, seasons, and even colors. As there are numbers of florists at online platform and if you don’t find anything as per your requirements on a website, then you can go for another one.

*     Almost every florist at online platform offers the services low and affordable prices and you can get the flower bouquet or floral arrangement as per your requirements without spending a lot of money.

*    As an online florist has a wide international network, they provider fast and reliable flowers’ delivery services. They are able to deliver the fresh flowers within 24 hours of the order placement. 

However, there are some disadvantages a well of buying flowers with the help internet and these are as follows:

*     When you buy flowers online you don’t get to see them actual and you are not able to find the right quality of them.

*    Sometimes these florists charge high amount for the delivery of flowers and in total it can be costly for you.

*     Here, the prices are fixed and you are not able to bargain and get the price of the flowers lowered.

Who are local florists?

When it comes to local florists, they are the individuals, who offer the flowers services from their local shop or can say at offline platform. These florists have been offering their services since last many years and most of the people still prefer going to them to purchase flowers and get them delivered. There are many benefits of the local florists as well and these are as follows:

•    If you are enjoying services of a local florist for several years, then they facilitate you offering personalized services.

•    When you buy flowers from a local florist shop, you can see them and access their quality. And according to that you can purchase the best flowers after ensuring their quality.

•    At most of the local florists don’t have set prices for the flowers, you can bargain with them to buy the flowers on lower price.

However, there are some disadvantages of these local florists and these are mentioned as below:

•    Most of the times, we see that the local florist do have limited variety of flowers to chose from. They might not have a particular flower variety that you are looking for and at that time you have settle with whatever they are offering.

•    In the case, when you have to purchase flowers being offline, you have to approach the florist shop that may be quite inconvenient for you.


After considering the advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline florists, we can say that both are good options and to enjoy their services, it all depends on your requirements. For example, if you want to buy flowers while being at home, then you can opt for online florist services and if, you want to ensure the quality of flowers and buy them on bargained prices, then you should go for local florist shop.

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