Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Different Roses Telling Different Stories

Many times, you would have presented roses to someone, but have you ever thought that there could be a story behind it? Actually, every rose says something with its color. It can be a bit surprising for you, but yes, it is true that roses speak a specific message. When it comes to presenting something to the loving one on his/her special day, it sometimes become difficult to choose one among the various options available at the gift shop. But, if we talk about gifting a rose, then you would definitely not like to give a second thought to it. Isn’t it? Yes, it is because roses, with their fragrance and magnificence, bring smile on someone’s face, and this is what everyone wants to do.

No doubt, rose is a perfect gift, but there lay some interesting facts behind its different colors. Every color says something and the flower helps in adding emotions to it. Mentioned below are the hidden meanings behind every rose, browse below to unveil them, so that next time when you visit the florists online, you exactly know which rose to pick for expressing what.

Red roses:

Red is a color of passion and rose is the symbol of love. Red roses are the symbol of love, romance, passion, and desire. So, if there is someone special, whom you like a lot and want to propose, then you can beautifully express that with a red rose. A red rose delivers the simple message that is ‘I love you’, but there is a beauty in expressing the love.

If, you are hesitant to express your love, then red roses can help you to express your feelings in a surprising way. No doubt, red roses are one of the good choices of lovers worldwide. These days, online florists offer a huge variety of arrangements for it and by choosing an attractive arrangement, you can beautifully speak out your feelings. 

Orange Roses:

When it comes to orange flowers, these spread out the joy and happiness all around, as these deliver the similar message. The orange color is the symbol of enthusiasm and fascination and so the same stands for orange rose. If, you are bewildered with the presence of someone, and want to show him/her that you are falling head over heels, then you can offer orange rose to that person. You can also offer these flowers to a person, whom you are in love with and no doubt, it can bring a smile on his/her face.

Pink Roses:

While approaching an online florist, you can have number of shades choice in pink color itself. Normally, the pink roses symbolize joy and gratitude. If, you want to appreciate and admire someone, then offering pink rose is a good option to go with, as these beautifully convey appreciation and admiration. Mostly, pink flowers are offered to say ‘thank you’ & they also denote grace and gentility with their sweet & gentle look. And here, it would not be wrong, if we say that this is the reason what makes them popular for the decoration purpose on wedding. 

Yellow Roses:

No doubt, friendship is beautiful relation and people share friendly sentiments with each other. Friendship is beautifully represented by the yellow rose, and it is believed that, there could be nothing pretty then yellow roses for gifting to a friend. If, you want to express your feeling regarding ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Get Well Soon’ to any of your friend, they you can get the yellow roses for him or her. Yellow flowers do not only bring joy around us, but these are also appropriate to rejoice someone’s wedding or even coming of new baby. You can show your sincere feelings towards someone just not through words, but through gifting such flowers as well.

White Roses: White roses are popular for funeral arrangements. These flowers are the symbol of innocence and purity. Whether it is a celebration or mourning, white roses play fabulous role to educe definite pureness and boost spirit. Apart from this, white roses also educe humility; and when you offer such flowers to someone, it shows how admirable is that person to you.

We hope that above points are quiet enough to understand the mystery behind roses of different colors. Now, surely, you have come to know the messages offered by different roses and the importance of offering them to someone, and next time when you go to any Singapore florist, you know what you want for which friend.

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