Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Know Which Rose Is Perfect For Your Valentine

Valentine Day! Yes, it is just going to knock the door. No doubt, everyone would have been waiting for this day of love with full eagerness. However, its craze in young generation can be seen beyond the belief, but it doesn’t mean that old age people don’t celebrate this day. Some celebrate it as their love anniversary, whereas others think to propose their loving ones on this day. It is fact that crowd in market even don’t allow you to move a single step on the Valentine Day. When it comes to gift something special to your sweetheart, the online florists in Singapore offer good option of sending beautiful flowers along with various gift items. Here, the idea of sending roses via an online florist is always on the top that doesn’t even make you think twice to go with.

Yes, if you are thinking to bring a smile on your sweetheart’s face, then nothing is special than gifting roses to him/her. But, do you know number of roses that you choose from online florists to gift matters a lot? Yes, it is so. The number of roses that you gift to your loving one has different meanings depending on how many there are. If you are not aware of this thing, then you don’t need to bother, as here we are going to discuss about the same matter and the understanding of it would help you to order a perfect amount of roses via an online florist for your valentine.

A single rose
Giving a single rose is the symbol of love at first side. Yes, if you are thinking to propose to someone with whom you are in love at first side and want to know his/her notions about you, then giving a single rose can help you a lot. On this Valentine Day, you can express your feeling toward him/her. And if, you are in relationship, then offering single rose throughout the life expresses that “I still love you.”

Two roses
When you offer two roses to your loving one, it shows that you are in mutual love and affection. Offering two roses says that your love has been increasing with the time.

Three roses
When it comes to offer three roses, it is considered as a traditional one month anniversary gift. On this Valentine Day, while wishing your spouse one month anniversary, you can make him/her feel special by offering three red roses that expresses “I love you.”

Six roses
Gifting a bouquet of six roses shows that you are in fascination with its receiver and here, it doesn’t matter that the relationship is new or a long standing one.

Nine roses
Do you want to say, “I love you forever” to your sweetheart? If yes, then offering a bouquet of nine roses can deliver your message to him/her.

Ten roses
As number ten stands for perfection or accomplishment, offering a bunch of ten beautiful roses shows that your love is perfect.

Twelve roses
When you offer twelve roses to someone, it delivers “Be mine” or “I love you” message just like the traditional dozen roses.

Thirteen roses
An amount of thirteen roses says that as a friend you will always be there for him/her.

Fifteen roses
Do you want to say sorry to your loving one, but don’t know how to express it? If it is so, then you don’t need to worry, as a bouquet of fifteen roses will work for it.

Twenty roses
This amount of roses is the symbol of sincere feeling towards someone.

Twenty-one roses
No doubt, you can show your dedication in many ways, but offering twenty-one roses is the best way to express it.

Twenty-four roses
Say “I am yours forever” with twenty-four roses and see what a wonderful response you get from their receiver.

Twenty-five roses
A bouquet of twenty-five roses is perfect to congratulate someone for any occasion.

Thirty-six roses
A bouquet of thirty-six roses simply expresses that “I am head over heels.”

Forty roses
You can find it a bit difficult to say that “My love is honest,” but a beautiful bouquet of forty roses says it all.

Fifty + roses
If you want to express that your love has no boundaries, then noting is perfect than the idea of offering fifty or fifty plus roses to your loving one.

So, on this Valentine day, just become ready to express your feeling towards your sweetheart by offering him/her a specific amount of roses that has an especial meaning behind it.

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