Monday, March 18, 2013

Want to gift your girlfriend some pretty flowers? Follow the tips!

Girls are sensitive and when they become girlfriends, they love to be pampered. You can very well connect to this if you have a girlfriend. No doubt, woman is strong and sensible in living her life, but when she has her man in life, she began to show her tender side and love to get special attention from her lover. This human nature is phycology tested and is been approved by the observers. Anyways, we are not getting deeper into this; our simple concern is the love of girls for sensitive & beautiful things like flowers. So, if you are looking tips to make your girls happy by gifting flowers, then here are certain must-know tips for you.

Make your girlfriend feel special by sending her flowers before your first date. You do not have to do anything extravagant, and just have to pick a mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers. But if you are going on with her for quite long, then send her medium or large mixed bouquet. Go for beautiful flower wraps for beauty & grace.
If you have to send the flowers at her home, then ask the florist to prefer vase bouquet or a wrapped bouquet. But if you are taking the flowers yourself on a date to a restaurant, then take the flowers in easy to carry way. Get the flowers in a keep sake cup or a beautiful container that would remind her even after the flowers are dead. However, if you’ll be moving around to different places on the date, then avoid the difficult situation for dragging the bouquet all the way, instead get a single rose or corsage.
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On a first date, never get a red rose for the woman, as roses are symbol of deep love. Every rose has different meaning so select the color accordingly.  Red roses look good if you are been going with her for quite long and you need to express your love feelings. For the initial time, prefer yellow roses as friendship symbol or pink roses as symbol for joyfulness and appreciation. For the special dates when you’ll take her to some club or dance, then gifting a wristlet corsage would be a perfect idea.

While gifting flowers, sentiments value the most. You have the option of availing impeccable services of Singapore florists and make your love more expressive and special.

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