Friday, September 12, 2014

Occasions in Singapore during which flowers are in huge demand

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Singapore is a country that is home to plenty of people from different parts of the globe. Many of the expats who visit the country in order to meet their business needs refuses to go back due to various reasons. This has made the country a place that celebrates all sorts of festivals around the world. The online shops selling flowers Singapore is quite in demand during all major festivals. However there are few occasions during which you need to place your flower orders well in advance in order to avoid the last minute hassles. Let us take a look at these festivals.

Valentines’ Day

The day when people around the world express their intimate feelings for someone special, the Valentine’s Day brings in a huge demand for flowers. There is no better way of expressing your love for someone special than with a bunch of beautiful roses in your hand. If you do not place your orders with reputed florists online, you might not be able to buy a bunch of fresh roses to gift your loved one during the special day. The local stores will also go out of stock on this day because of the huge demand. There would be a huge demand for red roses on the special day dedicated to lovers around the world. During the occasion, there is also a huge demand for bouquets made of elegant flowers. It is hence very much necessary to order the flowers in advance if you want to present flowers to your special friend.

Lunar New Year

There are quite a lot of people living in the country who are from China. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with great joy in the island country. You will find celebrations all around the country especially in the areas where the Chinese nationals are found in plenty. During the occasion, exchanging gifts and decorating homes and workplaces are quite common. You will find almost all the homes of the Chinese people living in the country beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. Different types of flowers are used to serve the purpose and you need to place your orders well in advance in order to avoid the out-of-stock message from the online florists.


Pongal is the harvesting festival of the Tamil speaking community around the world. There are plenty of people from Tamilnadu who reside in Singapore. The festival is celebrated with great splendor in the country. There is a huge demand for flowers during this festival and you need to choose a good online florist and place your orders well in advance. If you do this, the flowers delivery Singapore will be carried out exactly on time during the Pongal festival and if you fail, you will end up celebrating without flowers.

Hari Raya Festival

The festival that is celebrated by the Muslim community in the country comes after a month of fasting and prayers. You will find plenty of houses in the country beautifully decorated with flowers if you take a stroll around the country. This is another great festival during which flowers are of immense importance. Place your orders beforehand in order to avoid troubles during the days of the festival.

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