Monday, October 27, 2014

Why flowers are always gifted in an odd number

Gifting flowers on special occasions is a very common custom in Singapore. In recent years, online florists have become immensely popular in the country and this has made flowers one of the most preferred gift items during the special events. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or other moments of joy, flowers will add to the fun and make the day even more enjoyable. While buying flowers, an odd number is never ordered. Do you know the reason behind this? Here are some of the reasons.

In majority of the countries around the world, odd numbers are considered to bring happiness and luck. Even numbers are never chosen when it comes to the important matters in life. Flowers are hence gifted in an odd number in order to portray the true happiness during a special occasion. An even number of flowers are used only during sad occasions like funerals. If you want to share your joy with someone you love, you should always order an odd number of flowers from the florists Singapore.

During weddings, people usually gift the couple with seven flowers because it is considered to bring good luck to the couple. An even number of flowers is never used during weddings because it is considered bad luck. If you are planning to gift flowers to someone special during the event of his or her wedding, it is always better to get them a gorgeous bouquet made of beautiful flowers. This is the best thing to do instead of giving a bunch of flowers. Even the bride will hold an odd number of flowers while entering the wedding venue and this is again due to the same belief of good luck.

Another major reason behind the use of odd number of flowers might be the belief from ancient times which says that misfortune doesn’t ever come alone. Even number of flowers is hence avoided to keep away bad luck. The traditions existing in majority of the countries emphasize on the importance of odd number of flowers. There are few countries where it is the other way round too. In all sorts of practices, contradictions can indeed be found. Similarly, in some of the countries an even number of flowers is considered to bring good luck. However, Singapore is a country that goes with the majority and believes in the odd number rule when it comes to gifting.  

Majority of the offers provided by the flower stores in the country are for odd number of flowers. This is mainly because an order of even number of flowers is quite rare in the country. When you check out the websites of florists online, you will come across bundled offers at amazing rates only for odd number of flowers. This is definitely because of the popular norm of buying odd number of flowers in the country. Pagan beliefs and the pre-Christian traditions also believe that odd numbers bring good fortune. These beliefs continue to stick around in the minds of people in Singapore and hence only an odd number of flowers are used during the happy occasions in the country.

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