Monday, November 10, 2014

When did red roses become the favorite flower for Valentine's Day?

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated by people around the world as a festival of love. The 14th day of February every year is celebrated, across the globe, as a day to express love and approbation. The significance of this day dates back to the days of ancient Greek and Roman folklores.  Majority of the people celebrate Valentine’s Day with red roses. All the online florists Singapore provide special offers on red roses in the month of February to attract the youngsters in the country. What makes red roses an integral part of this festival? Why do people order red roses from the top florists online to celebrate the festival of love?

There are plenty of reasons that emphasizes on the significance of red roses on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are considered to be the greatest symbol of love and this is the key reason. Ancient paintings and sculptures from the medieval period talks about the use of red roses as token of love. The same has been mentioned in a lot of ancient stories and poems as well. The practice of sending roses to express love started during the days of the Roman Empire. The soldiers were not allowed to fall in love with women during those days and this paved way to secret marriages. During this period soldiers who fell in love with the beautiful ladies in Rome used to send red roses to express their innate feelings. This practice passed down through centuries. It is being followed even today because red roses mean love.

If you want to let another person know that you love him or her, all you need to do is to send red roses. When you do this it indirectly hints that you love that person. People who want to express their hidden feelings usually make use of Valentine’s Day to do the same because the whole world celebrate it with love and contentment. The language of flowers was brought into practice during the Victorian era they used it express deep emotional feelings. According to historic findings, red roses were used as a symbol of love even during those days. The roses of other colors conveyed other meanings but red ones always meant to express love.

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the feeling of love. If you have feelings for someone but could not make up your mind to open up in front of that special someone, do not delay it any longer! Choose a reputed online florist in the country and order fresh red roses. Make the payment online and avail cheap flowers delivery to send the flowers to the address of your special friend. You also have the option of adding a personal message while placing the order and this will help to convey your deepest emotions in the best possible manner. You can order an elegant bouquet made of red flowers from the online flower stores or design a personalized bouquet using your creative abilities. If you are in love, send flowers to express it in the most beautiful manner!

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