Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is rose flower symbolism for Love?

Rose flowers are used as a symbol of love due to quite a lot of reasons. Right from the classical era, roses have been considered as a symbol of love and affection. It was the flower that was used by the goddesses in the era and majority of the ancient mythologies associated the goddess with a rose to love. This was the time when roses started gaining popularity as a symbol of love.

Plenty of poets from around the world have written amazing poems based on the beauty of roses. This again made it a symbol of love in different parts of the globe. In majority of the religions around the world, roses have a significant place when it comes to the symbolism of love. The petals of the flower and the thorns seen in the stems of the plant make it a unique combination of good and bad. It also explains the beauty of the plant that tries to protect the flower from getting destroyed. This was symbolized by mythologists as a symbolic representation of pure and untouched love.

The five petals of roses were often considered by Christians as the wounds suffered by Jesus. The holy places of worshipping are also decorated with roses during special occasions. People also started exchanging roses during happy occasions to share their joy of love. This later became a reason for using flowers as a symbol of love.

Roses are hence the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers around the world. Roses are able to convey the beautiful feeling of love with ease. Majority of the florists stock different varieties of roses all through the year because it is used to express the love during all sorts of occasions. When you want to send flowers to your special one during her birthday or anniversary, roses would be the perfect choice. Majority of the online stores offers flowers delivery Singapore free of costs when you order a bunch of roses.  People of all age groups use it as a symbol love because of the pleasant fragrance and beauty of the flower.

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