Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers Or Cards – the better option

It has been a custom to give card or flowers to your loved one. This custom has been in vogue for many years. You can give flowers or card – it depends on your choice. The personal choice of a person is dominant in this. These two items express your feelings in a most appropriate manner where it is not possible for any person to do verbally.  It expresses the feeling of sharing your emotions in a time of despair or grief or sympathy so that a deeper more meaningful sentiment of personal comfort is conveyed.

If you want to say something to a person, then you can say it without any problem through a card. Many people do not know the exact meaning of all the flowers. A few flowers like red rose are mostly known to everyone, but other than that the other flowers which express certain emotions are not known to them. In such case it is best to give card. In a card the feelings are written expressively and these are understood by the person receiving the card. The cards express the feeling that a person wants to state.

Cards are also better as they can be preserved and you can read them repeatedly. It will give you joy whenever you read the card. They will remind you of those moments that are cherished in your heart forever.  Nowadays cards are available for every occasion and they are written in perfect manner. When you read a card you will think that it is expressing the emotions and words that you want to say.

Though, cards are popular choice to give to any person, flowers are also becoming popular. You can find many types of flowers arrangements that bring joy to the person receiving it. The flowers are arranged in most exquisite manner. These floral arrangements are also accompanied with little cards that contain your feelings. You can write anything in that card. It will express your feeling perfectly. Flowers are items of beauty and the time they last they bring joy and happiness to whoever receives it. 

There are many exquisite flower arrangements done with exotic flowers that will give immense joy to the recipient. In such case it is very important that you select an arrangement that will give pleasure to the person receiving it.

It is very difficult to choose between flowers and cards, but one thing is sure that it will express your feeling in the manner you want. You can go for an exquisite flower arrangement with a card tucked in. It will serve both the purpose-------flowers will bring joy to the person along with card and card will serve as mementos throughout your life

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