Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why We Love Fresh Flowers

Now days everybody is busy in some or the other high-tech and fast-paced lifestyle activities which is taking daily toll on our lives. Experts advise exercise and other personal lifestyle changes to relieve stress and pressure created.

Nature has provided us with a simple way to improve emotional health. Yes, they are flowers. These colorful flowers not only trigger happy emotions but also heighten feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.

Flowers have always been a part of the many events in a person’s life. Their pretty colors and aromatic fragrances add a special touch to any occasion.  Fresh flowers on dining table increase the taste of breakfast and the impact of food served. A beautiful flower setting on centre table of your drawing room or meeting room or boss room can create a soothing atmosphere for you and members around. Even guests visiting your house or office will not only adore your home arrangement skills, but they will also spread this word in front of others. A terrace garden full of several smelling fresh flowers is the best place to spend your evening.

Flowers either in a display in a shop or grown in a garden, spread all around happiness to all around. Both young and old belief that their day-to-day moods get affected in a healthy and natural way. A bud or bunch of fresh flowers will become a most treasured gift for your loved ones that will help in recalling the beautiful days. A candle light dinner with girlfriend or spouse is either incomplete or less romantic without a tulip or fresh rose bud arrangements on dinner table.

Florists have always known that flowers make people happy. Research conducted at top educational institutions reveals the emotional and behavioral benefits of flowers and plants on human beings life.  A team of researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a 10-month study of participants' behavioral and emotional responses to receiving flowers. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. The fragrance and the positive feeling that is spread around make people happy. This reaction is universal, occurring in all age groups. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. It’s reported that there is a less depressed, anxious and agitated feeling after receiving flowers and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction and gives zeal to live life.

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