Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Becoming a Distributor of Flowers on the Internet

Flowers are known to bring great happiness. If you are fond of working with others and brining people a lot of joy then being involved in the flower business is something you should definitely think about. If you live in Singapore, then you could start your very own flower business over the internet and earn a lucrative income from it. You could also become a distributor of flowers over the internet and sell flowers to retail shops as well as individuals who deal in flowers over the internet. If you want to know how to become a distributor of flowers to an online florist in Singapore, you need to carry out some necessary steps. 

Steps for Becoming a Flower Distributor Online

Find Reliable Suppliers and Carry Essential Supplies If you wish to become one of the distributors of florist Singapore online then something which you definitely have to do is find suppliers who are reliable. If you are taking responsibility for the distribution of flowers to florists Singapore online, then you have to ensure that the supply of the flowers does not suffer from any kind of delay. You also need to make sure that the products that are supplied are of a very high quality. You cannot afford to distribute vases, flowers and even gift baskets that are of an inferior quality. If you do so, then you will earn a bad reputation for yourself as a distributor of flowers to florist Singapore online. Another step which you need to take if you wish to be a distributor to a florist Singapore online is to carry essential supplies. You should avoid overlooking supplies like floral tape, floral wire, floral ribbon, preservatives and various other floral tools that are used on a regular basis by Singapore florists.

Calculate your Retail and Wholesale Markup and Acquire Agricultural License 

If it is your desire to be a distributor to one of the Singapore florists then you also need to own an agricultural license. When you acquire such a license, you will receive guidelines on how to handle and distribute certain kinds of flowers in the country of Singapore. You have to follow these guidelines and make sure that the flowers which you are dealing in are entirely free of disease as well as insects. You also need to calculate your retail and wholesale markup if you wish to be a distributor to an online florist in Singapore. When you are a distributor to online florist in Singapore you will be able to distribute to individuals as well as the retail florists. The wholesale markups on products usually run between fifteen to twenty five percent. Sop the retail and the wholesale markup is a very important calculation you have to make if you intend to be a distributor to online florist in Singapore.

Thus, there are some vital steps which you have to execute in order to be a distributor of flowers to an online florist in Singapore. By doing so, you will be able to become a very well known flower distributors to online florists in Singapore.

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