Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Are Singapore Online Florists Very Popular?

Singapore attracts many tourists from all around the world for its beauty and modern technology. People here love to shop all around. Many florists in this country have started online dealing along to provide good service to their customers. We must be very thankful and lucky that these reliable online Singapore florist dealers provide services of online order booking and delivery to our doorsteps at a reasonable price. This business has experienced continual success of steady and fast growth. We believe it is due to business ethics as online Singapore florist put customers first and are happy to be in the business of making people happy.

Many extra services are offered apart from regular flowers selection on web like same day orders delivery with Singapore, make your own custom flower bouquet, custom fruit basket along with good selected flowers, donate a bunch of flower to charity, self modify your own orders anytime before payment, reminder of special occasions with Date reminder, confirmations of your order, payment and delivery via emails and sms.

Most of online florist dealers have deployed friendly, honest and outstanding Customer Care staffs which take good care of their customers. They also urge forward to provide timely email response. It’s also observed that when a person shops from same dealer for the second time or more, they get discounts and rebates accordingly as per the terms and conditions. Most of people find such offers very attractive as this grants visibility and transparency to customers. These bonus award or points are accumulated with every purchase and re shown at the bottom of the webpage under the Buy button. You can accumulate such points and use them for future free gifts and upgrades.

There is no doubt that these online dealers’ offers a large selection of flowers produced both within Singapore and from abroad. They have a motto to keep flowers fresh and good looking and serve the target to deliver fresh flowers to customers. Most of the new customers reach such websites from referrals. The online dealers thus take full responsibility for products and service and try to make sure that their customers are 100% satisfied with customer care and products.

Many popular dealers have a franchise program with over 30 franchised websites. Franchised website is under strict guidelines to keep the standard and quality as high as possible as that increases the expectations of customers.

Flowers are perishable products and it’s very natural that after few hours or days they will lose their grace. So maintaining the freshness of online orders is a big challenge for such dealers, which they try to perform and fulfil.

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