Friday, February 15, 2013

The Relation between Sunflowers and Spiritualty

When we talk about the sunflower and the spiritualism, many facts are there that prove a strong connection between both of them. It is believed that these have been linked together for a long time. When it comes to spiritualism, it denotes continuity towards the life. Life goes on even after the death and it doesn’t look for the physical appeal all the time. Actually, individuals, who have faith in philosophy, for them death is the name of moving ahead into a high phase of presence. Not only this, spiritualism also trusts in the prospect of interacting with those, who have gone over to the new form of presence. It is because it doesn’t believe in the fact that life ends with the death.

Now let’s come to the sunflower, it is a symbol of the philosophy of Spiritualism and it is related to the life that surrounds a person. Actually, the figures that are associated with a sunflower are agreed with what backdrops a person. The seven branches of a sunflower stand for the seven days, on the other hand the twelve leaves for the twelve months in a year. And when it comes to each branch, it is supposed that it stands for the divine trinity, as it normally gives life to three sunflowers. Moreover, each flower holds 52 yellow petals that denote 52 weeks in a year and each flower centers with 365 seeds, just like there are 365 days in a year.

The nature of sunflower imitates something that people, who believe in spirituality, should do and it is to turn the light. When the sun rises, the sun flowers start facing towards the east that say that how people should turn to the light of God. As the sunflowers survive by looking towards the east, in the same way the flowers send across the message that God meets our actual requirements when we face his light. Here, florist with their flower delivery service helps to spread out the same message all around the world. The florist in Singapore offers huge variety of quality sunflowers and feasts the spirituality that is linked with this flower.

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