Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things to know when you visit a Florist
With the Valentine’s Day seeing a splash of beautiful colors already, you can step in to celebrate more days with great pomp and show with the beautiful flowers around you. These flowers speak a lot about you and vest your sentiments in the best possible way. From heart-felt sorry to full of gratitude thank-you, you have the flowers in perfect ensemble to grace various occasions. However, besides the type of flowers, their colors and your budget, you still ought to know a few things before you go to a flower shops (if it is an online store). These can be counted as:

The Quality of Flowers:
You order only what you see. However, at times, pictures can be deceptive. So be careful to analyze the freshness of flowers and their size and colors as well.

Order Fulfillment:
Ensure that your vendor has a trail of great service provider with in time delivery and completion of orders per the customer requirements.

Return Policy:
Understand the terms and conditions before finalizing the order. Especially know the return policy very well. As most of the flowers have a less shelf life, you need to confirm from your florist what if the final product is not up to your expectations.

Payment mode:
Online portals nowadays affiliate with many payment gateways like paypal, moneybookers, EBS, etc. There is also an option to use net banking or cash on delivery. So pick the most favorable option. In case of flowers, COD is always preferable, but if you have to directly send the flowers as a gift to some close ones, then you can go for other prepayment options.

is blooming with florists that keep a great stock of flowers from all over the world. They are both retailers as well as wholesalers. Among the various services provided, some of them also keep affordable bouquet accessories for sale that supplement flower arrangements. Many Singapore florists now also have online services to make it convenient for the people to place orders and customize their bouquets and bunch of flowers. So be it any occasion or party, your pick is only a click away. Just go for it!

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