Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Should Your Florist Make You A Flower Arrangement To Gift A Male Friend?

I think that the  subject of gifting flowers to men  has no clearly defined correct reaction, in regards to whether or not it is a good idea. It is dependent on so many factors that influence the actual response from men on receiving this gift.
Because of the way most men are built and designed emotionally, it may ellicit a not so positive response. However, if the flower gifting is done in a strategic and smart way then, it may extrude results that are positive.
Scenarios that may make it normal  for you to ask your florist to make a special floral arrangement for  gifting a male friend without it being wierd  can be such as:

A spontaneous moment
You wil get the reaction or response that you want especially when you decide to surprise your friend on an ordinary day. Trying to gift on the conventional days, or on days that are just as cliche as the name suggests (such as valentines day) will not go down as well especially for the ordinary ‘manly’ man, because he may actually feel embarrassed, emasculted or  just plain simple wierd.

If the flowers are in color pallettes that are man friendly
Taking the time to find out some of the colors that this man likes will come along way in helping you choose
online florist
the most appropriate flowers for his gift. You can dedcide to order beautiful blends of man friendly colors, such that you actually seem to be on the know how on flowers, as wel as showing the effort that you actually put in selecting the gift.The man may actually feel uncomfortable about receiving the flowers but will all the same appreciate the effort involved in trying to get an unconventional, thoughtful gift.

Since flower colors normally ellict diferent meanings,you need to take the time to research the meanings of the different flowers and different flower colors such that you do not end up sending the wrong messages  that will make things wierd between you and this man.

When intending to cheer up a sick man
Selecting a beautiful bouquet from online florist will definitely uplift the spirits of a sick male friend, and in the long run brighten his day.

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