Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gift by Florists That Never Gets Old Fashioned

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At the last moment when you have to gift a present to a friend and you do not understand what to choose, then have you ever found flowers to your rescue as the best available option? Many times, flowers compliment the exact expression, feeling, and thoughts that these are the only option one is left with. But have you ever wondered which flower conveys which sort of feeling? Have you ever wondered which is the best flower for gifting to a friend, mother or spouse? Are Hydrangeas, Blue Delphiniums, Irises, and Himalayan Blue Poppies the best options to gift anyone, or these are for specific people & specific occasion? Let us have a look at certain such facts about different flowers and their symbolic meaning.

According to the florists in Singapore, there are specific flowers for gifting to specific people for example: 

Flowers for gifting to friends: Hydrangeas, Blue Delphiniums, Irises and Himalayan Blue Poppies. These beautiful flowers are perfect for expressing the bond & love in friendship. 

Flowers for the lovers: When it comes to gifting flowers to the lovers, people generally pick flowers like tulips, roses, carnations and orchids, says a popular flower seller at online flower shop

Flowers for family for new crush: When asked to a young boy, which flower does he pick to impress his new crush then he says yellow roses. Agreeing upon the same, expert florists say that, yellow is a perfect
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color for gifting to new crushes or even families.

Flowers for wedding: To wish the beautiful couple on the wedding day, white flowers like white roses & white lilies are perfect, says another flower lover. 

Flowers for women to compliment the feminine qualities: Beautiful pink color roses, perfectly complements the feminine beauty & are perfect for gifting to women. 

Flowers for different occasions: Be it any occasion, some flowers matches with the perfection, such as lilacs, western daisies and other purple flowers.

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