Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Different Colors Says In Different Flowers

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 Last time, we had talked about how different color flowers are chosen for different people & occasion. Let us today know the reason behind this. Let’s understand the meaning of different flowers & different colors:

Blue flowers:
Blue flowers like Hydrangeas, Blue Delphiniums, Irises, Himalayan Blue Poppies represent peace & serenity, openness, relief from anxiety, and yes creativity as well. Being symbolic for such terms, blue flowers are ideal for gifting to a creative friend, to a co-worker before important meeting or presentation, or even to a friend who is going through difficult phase of life.

Red Flowers:
Tulips, carnations, roses, orchids in red color represent the feeling of love, desire, passion, and strength. The flower sellers in Singapore said that having these symbolic meanings, red flowers or bouquet of red flowers are perfect for gifting to a love interest on a date or to a partner on an anniversary. Also, red flowers are ideal for gifting to a winning athlete as congratulations. 

Yellow Flowers
Flowers like Calla Lilies, roses, daffodils, tulips, and chrysanthemums represent hope joy, energy, and optimism. According to florists in Singapore, yellow flowers are the best pick for a bride on her wedding day, friend on first day of new job, new love crush, or to a family member for getting well soon.

Pink Flowers

Pink color flowers are known for their gentility, delicacy, love, grace, and youth. So, next time when you would have to gift flowers to a mother or grandmother on mother’s day, to partner on valentine’s day, to a bride at country wedding then prefer yellow flowers. You can pick Roses, orchids, lilies, or Hydrangeas from online flower shop and can also create your personalized fresh flower bouquet.

Purple flowers
online flower shopMoving ahead to purple color, which represents luxury, nobility, power, beauty, respect, are ideal for a friend as a token of respect, at a formal wedding, to a hostess at a dinner party, to a parent on birthday. So, here you have options of gifting western Daisies, Lilacs, Hibiscus, Calla Lilies, and Carnations.

So, next time when you search florist services in Singapore to buy fresh flowers for loved ones, be prepared with what type of color of flowers you have to pick.

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