Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flower Shops, Singapore Decorate Inauguation Venue

MD04 Mummy's Little SecretColorful blossoms and flowers bring color and cheer to even ordinary background and make it extra ordinary.  Garlands of flowers draped round drab pillars, hung over walls make even the worn out plaster disappear from the vision. The color of marigold spills over and the ambience of a place becomes suffused with the gold petals and making the hall or the room where inaugural ceremony is likely to be held a golden palace.  Are you looking to make the venue where you are going hold an important meeting looks like a place from heavens, then throw away plastic bubbles, balloons, glitter, artificial stars and go to flowers delivery of all colors, hues and sizes, and make them your selected choice of decorations.

Flowers give an ethereal look to material things, garlands of marigold hanging over an ordinary door make it special.  The decorated door becomes a welcome arch ready to greet guests with warmth and affection.  Use huge vases of spring blossoms, lilies, daisies and roses, spread them around the room at different levels, on tables, niches, window sills, even on the ground, to catch eyes of visitors and no one will look up to see the paint on the ceiling is peeling or it is festooned with cob webs.

MD01 Mothers In LoveSelect the flowers you are going to use for decoration with care, go to flower shops Singapore and select roses of different varieties and colors, get carnations, they come in many colors, they are fairly hardy and likely to last a little longer, even in the harshest atmosphere.  Chrysanthemum, daffodils, asters are in a league of their own, they are out of this world.  Are you looking for delicate beauty then go for anemone or freesia; they have a velvet like softness and beauty. Flowers come in all colors, purple, pink, red, violet, but white flowers have a touch of spiritual beauty that is out of this world.  Decorate your venue with bunches of white flowers from grand opening stands/ flowers and watch as the inauguration ceremony is lifted from realms of something ordinary to amazing.  White lilies, jasmine, and daisy  give an unworldly hue to the decorations.  White lilies symbolize purity and refined beauty, jasmine is famous for its distinctive scent and daisies with their golden heart symbolize gentleness and love.

It is not necessary for you to do away with artificial decorations altogether, a judiciously placed balloon or two will not take away from the ethereal beauty of flowers. As a last touch take big shallow dishes, fill them with water and sprinkle petals of flowers on the top, place lighted candles over the surface to combine water, flame and flowers together to give a Zen like touch to your decoration.    

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