Monday, May 19, 2014

Red Roses Convey Stronger Messages without Words

Flowers symbolically convey strong message without words.  A single red rose conveys a stronger message of love than a gift of jewelry, or a love sonnet.  This one reason why flowers were plays many roles in life of families and individuals in all cultures throughout history.  Flowers are part of every important occasion in the life of the individual, when a child is born; the parents are greeted with bouquets of flowers to welcome new life.  When two individuals marry and become a couple, flowers are used to decorate the venue and are carried by the couple in all cultures.  On each anniversary, flowers, red roses, white lilies, creamy daisies, and golden marigold are given to convey love and affection, to mark an important occasion and keep pace with the growing family. 
Florists say that red roses are used every day by lovers and married couples to show strength of emotion to each other. An experienced florist says that color of roses talk yellow rose means happiness, a red rose says “I care for you, I love you.”  A rose bud, particularly a red rose bud symbolizes youth, innocence and hope.  More roses, particularly red roses, are given and received every day as compared to other type of flowers.    

Not only red roses convey meanings and give wordless messages but flowers of other colors also have meaning.  Condolence wreaths generally contain flowers of white color, roses, lilies and green leaves.  White color conveys sorrow and hopes to bring peace the departed soul and grieving family members.  On the other hand red roses convey a stronger message than I love you, it symbolizes a gift that comes straight from the heart because the color of heart. That is the reason red roses are given as gift on the Valentine Day. Red roses also represent passion and romantic love.  

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