Thursday, June 12, 2014

National Flowers of Countries and Their Meanings

Singapore floristNational flower of a country is often associated with its cultural and religious roots that go back hundreds or sometimes thousands of years. Each country has its own official choice with respect to flowers; the choice is often based on the connection felt by the citizens about a particular flower. Based on the public opinion, Governments of various countries have declared their respective national flowers. Thus national flowers can be regarded as symbols representing a nation. If you are looking for a Singapore florist to gift one of your acquaintances with some national flowers, you have various choices in this regard.

Here’s a list of national flowers of some of the prominent countries of the world:

Australia – The national flower of Australia is Acacia pycnantha. Also called as Golden Wattle, this flower blooms in Australian spring that begins in the month of September. Golden Wattle flowers are yellow, large and fluffy with a sweet smell. However each Australian state has an official flower of its own.

France – The national flower of France is Iris. It was represented in Fleur-de-lis emblem, which is regarded as a symbol of French monarchy. The meaning of Iris flower is hope, courage, wisdom and faith.

Japan – Japan has not declared its national flower, yet majority of public consider the cherry blossom to be its unofficial national flower. Furthermore, the Chrysanthemum flower was patronized by the Japanese Royal family for use in their seals. Chrysanthemum represents friendship.

China – Plum Blossom is the national flower of China. In Chinese it is known as meihua and is a regarded as a symbol of resilience and perseverance in hardships, this is because this flower blooms vibrantly amid harsh winter snow. It was officially designated as the national flower on 21st July 1964 by the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. Florists Singapore are very much aware of the importance of national flowers and the respect and love people have for them, as such they offer varied choices in this regard that you can gift to your loved ones.

online florist Singapore United Kingdom – Each of the four constituent countries of UK viz. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has its own national flower. National flower of England is Tudor Rose while that of Wales is Daffodil, which is regarded as a symbol of unreciprocated love. The orange lily represents the national flower of Northern Ireland and represents wealth and pride whereas the national flower of Scotland is Scottish Bluebell, which represents modesty and humbleness.

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