Saturday, June 7, 2014

Want to Say Sorry, send a bouquet of Flowers

Flower are the universal way of saying so many things, they are means to express  numerous human feelings and emotions.  The language of flowers is universal; they convey different human emotions, they speak a universal language which is understood without words, for example roses represent love, tulips are said to represent happiness and violets convey sincerity.  Flowers are colourful, pleasing to the senses and give a touch of elegance to otherwise simple décor.  If you do not have a clue what kind of flowers suit different occasions, get in touch with a Singapore florist and you will get plenty of information om what type of flowers you need to buy.

If you have forgotten your spouse’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, or the fact that your mother-in-law is coming for dinner and she thinks that a house full of flowers means that you are treating her daughter or son well, do not despair.  Pick up a telephone and contact florists Singapore or better still open your laptop and get in touch with online florist Singapore and voila your worry will evaporate in a jiffy.

There are many reasons flowers are the best way to say sorry.

1. Flowers convey positive vibes, no one can look at a bouquet of perfect flowers and remain angry for a long time

2. Words sometimes fail to convey adequate emotions; flowers can convey the feeling easily without using words.

3. Flowers convey sympathy and condolence, a handful of white lilies on a coffin say we are sorry we are going to miss you much better than hundred written or spoken words.

4. Some flowers like lily of the valley use universal language to convey, humility and regret.

5. Asters, tulips, and carnations, are some flowers that convey love and affection without use of words and say sorry more effectively than mere words.

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