Friday, April 11, 2014

Deep Connection between Flowers & Relationships

FloristHas your boyfriend or girlfriend gifted you a hand bouquet on your last date? Could you identify the h idden feelings behind it? Yes, haven’t you heard that flowers are the best way to express the feelings, which clearly says that there is some feeling, which your lover wanted to share with you. If you couldn’t identify that, then just scroll little below and know what his/her intentions were:

Bunch of Carnations

Carnations are the favorite pick of many lovers. Why? The reason behind this actually relates to your man’s pocket. Carnations being the cheapest flowers available at the flower shop might be a reason for why he picked up that. It is a good way to bring a smile on your face as well as save his pocket from getting burned.

However, there could be another reason as well. Carnations are available in plethora of colors. So, might be that he picked up carnations just because he wanted to gift you the flowers of your favorite color.

Hand Bouquet of Tulips

The beauty of tulips simply mesmerizes the onlookers. If a florist has come to your door to deliver a beautiful hand bouquet of Tulips in multicolor from your lovers behalf then you are simply special for him/her. This is one of the most beautiful ways to make someone feel special. So, consider yourself lucky enough to be a special person in someone’s life.
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Peonies Flowers

Peonies are considered for being classy and pristine. Your lover considers you classy & pristine so he has complimented you with these flowers. Moreover, there is an old saying too related with peony flowers. It is said that if you have received peony flowers in a gift from your lover, then consider a happy and long relationship coming in your life soon.

Beautiful Daisy Bouquet

Daisy is pretty, and you have got it because you are pretty too. Your lover wants to express how he feels for you and consider you the prettiest person in his life. However, do not consider that daisy flowers are chosen to share the strong feelings like love. For feeling of love & romance red roses are always the first choice.

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