Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easy Flower Gifting Guide for Clueless Boys

floristFlowers can sparkle the magic moments in the friendship, love, or any relationships provided that the flowers are perfectly chosen conveying the right compliment to your loved ones. This is directly linked to expressing emotions and it is very true in all parts of the world that boys and men are not so educated in terms of showing their actual expression, They have feelings similar to girls but when it comes to expressing, most of them are failures. And this is the reason that guys get confused in picking the flower when they go to the florist and as an escape, they make random selections which might not surprise the recipient in exactly the way it was expected.

Well, if you really want to impress a girl, but have no clue for what is the best way to spread the fragrance of love with the flower, then here is a simple & foolproof guide for you. Just scroll down and peep into the steps, which would make you pick best bouquet for the girl whom you want to impress.

Step 1-Get to know more about your girl

Before you visit florists to order flowers, it is better if you know few things about your girl. If she has just entered in your life and you do not know much about her then try to find out answers for few things, which includes hew favorite color, and her nature & personality.

In case, you do not know about her favorite color then identify it from the colors that she generally wears, or from the color of her bag, phone, shoes, or laptop. Also, know about her nature, if it is edgy, romantic, soft, career oriented, delicate, funny, or quirky.

Also, one of the important things is to know if she is allergic to flowers or not. If you do not want to ask his to her, then you may know about this when you are out together, then find some flowers, and casually ask her to smell the fragrance. This would give you a better idea.

Step 2-Know your feelings

Next step is to know your own feelings & gestures. You must know your gesture and decide what you actually wish to convey. You have to decide whether you want to convey:
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Happy birthday/anniversary?

I was just thinking how much you might like these flowers for no reason at all?

Thanks for the great evening?

I like you and want to pursue something further?

I'm totally in love with you and want everyone to know it?

I'm really sorry for what I did/said/forgot?

Step 3-Find the florist

Lastly, when you know whom to give and why to give, it is time to find out from where to give. You may look up for various online Singapore florists to deliver flowers to her. You can also get good deals on flowers online, so this would be a good way to gift flowers to her.

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