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Know the Etiquettes to Send Condolence Wreaths Flowers

condolence wreaths To choose a flower for a romantic date is easy, but is it that easy too when it comes to express sympathy? If you need to send condolence wreaths to express your sympathy on a sad dismal of a loved one, then you need to follow certain etiquettes. Have a look at what it requires:

Religious Considerations

Choosing flowers for a funeral requires taking decisions based on religion as well. It is considered that giving sympathy flowers at Jewish and Muslim funerals is not appropriate. Here you may prefer fruit hampers. Also, at Buddhists’ funeral taking colored flowers is not a good decision. Here you should consider white flowers as that symbolizes mourning.

Relationship Considerations

You would get several options to send condolence flowers in Singapore, but you need to make a sensible decision. Here, consider your relation with the family who is going through the bad times. It is suggested not to give larger pieces for the casket like floral hearts and crosses and wreaths if you are not closed to the family. Generally, this is given by immediate family member. If you are a colleague or friend, then sending floral standing sprays, or flower baskets along with a warm message is a good decision.

Symbolic Considerations

In specific there are no special condolence flowers. But these are picked for funeral based on their meanings. In general the flowers which are mostly picked for funeral includes:
Carnations – Carnations in red, white, or pink can be picked as condolence flower. Here red color symbolizes strength and admiration, pink stands for remembrance, and white carnations signify truth and innocence.

Chrysanthemums – Singapore florists general use Chrysanthemums in condolence wreaths. Here, Chrysanthemums in white color symbolizes grief and truth.
Lilies – Being symbolic for peace, purity, and majesty, many people pick white lilies to express their sorrow.
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Roses – Roses are also a choice for condolence wreaths. Roses are available in different colors and have different meanings. White symbolizes innocence and youthfulness, d roses signify love and respect, and pink roses stand for grace.

Along with these, sending appropriate message with condolence wreaths also matters a lot. Here are few samples of sympathy or funeral message that you may send along with flowers:

•    With deepest sympathy
•    Dear [deceased], May you rest in peace
•    In loving memory of [deceased]
•    Dearest [deceased], you will always be in our hearts and minds
•    My heart is filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace
•    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time

Depending upon your relation with the deceased, you may write the message that seems most appropriate. Also, in case you are writing a personal message, try to keep it simple & short.

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